American Nutcrackers is a small, home based business, dedicated to bringing a quality nutcracker piece to your collection. These whimsical wooden pieces are hand painted or finished with wood stains with great affection. Each piece radiates a personality of its own and is guaranteed to provoke a smile out of even the most die hard non-collector.

We still have a large number of quality pieces available, even though some favorites of yours and ours are no longer available. There are some pieces which have reached the end of our inventory, so we will designate the website with the "Last One" designation to assist you with your shopping decisions. We continue to be thankful to our patronage for more than a decade, and welcome you who are new to our site and our products. You will be provided with outstanding customer service , and whether buying for yourself or others, you will have a treasured addition to a new or existing collection.

Customer Service (909) 981-3546



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